Have You Heard Of This Outfit??

[Hardware] I've really been enjoying the new VirtualFly TQ6 but it has no buttons or switches on it which is a very good thing. I prefer to keep the throttle realistic in that manner. But this means when the TQ6 is in use, I still need to use my Warthog throttle for the many other switches I need assigned. So I started looking online for a realistic switch panel similar to what the Warthog throttle offers but without the throttle itself. So I did some google searches and Desktop Aviator came up. The quality of the builds look very solid and prices very reasonable. 

What I did not expect were the GPS units they sell as well. How is it I have gone so long without knowing about this outfit? I am eyeballing the turnkey Cessna switch panel which is only $120 bucks and blows that Saitek panel right out of the water which actually costs more! There is also a nice landing gear panel I want too. The only downside is you have to rack this stuff yourself but a quick trip to home depot will take care of that. Seriously, take a look at this stuff they got in there! Website is sooo 90's but hey, if the products are as good as they look, i'm game! Any of you have any experience with these guys??