ADX Introducing Riddlez! Welcome To Bellingham!

FSX/P3D. Yes indeed I am introducing a new development brand which is something I truly love doing but I am not introducing a new developer. To remind you of which developer I am referring to exactly, check out this [ADX FirstLook] article I wrote back in July 2013 on his New Plymouth freeware scenery. Right off the bat I was highly impressed with the work this dev put together and even though the project is over 3 years old, it's still really damn good! I am happy to see the developer is still working and quite impressed with the advancements in quality and technique he has achieved over those 3 years. This time around, Che Ridland has decided to move into the US Pacific Northwest which is quite a long way from North Island New Zealand scenery to Bellingham Washington! This is indeed a very unique choice and a very good one at that.

Among the many features to be included include full terminal interior modeling, enhanced surroundings, and one spiffy looking parking lot! I am happy to welcome Che back to the forefront and his new payware brand Riddlez. Check out the shots! Che is in the process of building his website which is still in progress.