Whats This? A Gazelle Is Coming?

FSX/P3D. No doubt for the DCS fans, that recently released Gazelle is a serious piece of hardware! I am still getting antiquated with DCS but one thing that is absolutely no joke about the platform is it's aircraft. Now I know DCS is all about kicking someone's ass but I long for the day when someone will turn the DCS world upside down and release some kind of multi-engine GA turboprop just to see what it can do. Nevertheless, the guys behind MP Design Studios who delivered a Gazelle for FS9 is in the process of delivering one for FSX and P3D. Now some of you might kick my ass for saying this but of all the junk they release, Abacus actually did release a nice Gazelle for FS9 and I owed that one so it's nice to see someone develop a proper one for the latter platforms. Check out Helisimmer for more information via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Sean K for the tipoff! 

ADX Update: Released!