FSDG Marsa Alam v1.1 Released.

FSX/P3D. FSDG-Marsa Alam has been updated to v1.1 via their webshop.  If you already installed the previous version please follow these steps to successfully install v1.1: Run FSDG-Scenery configurator and ‘Reset to Defaults’ from the global settings tab Un-install FSDG-Marsa Alam using our un-installer (Start>Programs>FSDG\..) Finally install the latest version FSDG-Marsa Alam_v1.1_FSX_P3D.exe. Changes compared to v1:

- Better compression of aerial imagery
- Improved drawcall batching
- Lower texture count
- Texture space decreased by 20%
- Airliner option for FSX users to avoid critical VAS usage
-> Overall VAS usage decreased by up to 35% (depending on FSX/P3D settings)