SXAD Aeroflex-Andover & Trinca Released!

FSX/P3D. I've been a bit critical of this team in the past and the rational being that developers should start small and work their way up as you improve. This is a good technique as stated in the Orbx seminar at FlightSimCon 2016 (vid coming soon). In the case of SXAD, it's the other way around sort of. The latest release boasts the best quality I have seen from thus far and I am rather impressed with the location, size, and quality. The product includes 2 airfields Aeroflex-Andover (12N) which is a public use airport, located in the Kittatinny Valley State Park in Sussex County, New Jersey & Trinca Airport (13N) which is a grass strip with an asphalt apron located three miles southwest of Andover. Price is $15 bucks.

I look forward to seeing this team continuing to increase their talent in future releases. Thanks to ADX reader Sean for the tipoff!