29Palms Samos: We Have The Terminal!

FSX/P3D. This dynamic duo known as 29 Palms is perhaps the most prolific team in the business. From airstrips, to mega airports, to entire islands, these guys never fail to impress the masses. You know you have masterful skills when you can make Twentynine Palms, an airfield the majority of us has never been to that's in the middle of the barren desert become one of the top destinations in FS. Well, no barren high desert this time, no! This time they have returned to the beautiful land of Greece to the island of Samos and yes, it's a large coverage area. Between these guys, FSDG, FlyTampa, and Aerosoft, Greece is kicking ass! I have a release date that is sooner than you may think and hopefully we'll be able to release that info soon.