Are We Reaching The End Of Freeware?

[RANT] It's been quite a long time since I wrote a rant article but I really must say, I am confused with some on the stuff I am seeing coming to market these days and even shocked that there is absolutely no quality threshold with Simmarket. If I modelled a trash can for FS could I sell it there? Would they accept it? Where is the line drawn? Is there a line at all? Honestly, one of the best things about flight simulation is the dedication of modellers to release projects that were better than default for free. We have lived off these free addons for nearly 2 decades. 

In recent times, we have seen freeware rival and even in some cases beat many payware addons quality wise such as addons from LHSimulations, SunSkyJet, and Orbx just to name a few. But at some point, a flock of new developers have learned they can make money on something that would barely pass as payware back in FS2002 and are passing this quality as payware in 2016 in the era of P3Dv3. Meanwhile, freeware scenery addons are on quite a steep decline. I'm sorry and I would never want to put down any developer (aside from Blueprint who has failed to improve quality in any manner since their very first release) but the quality of these just released addons are not worth a single solitary cent and I fear those who will buy them are newcomers to the hobby who might not know better. Am I stretching here??? The thing is, as freeware, all of these would be kick ass but to actually have to pay for these with this kind of quality is absolute nonsense. 

I am not saying people don't deserve to earn a buck for their work, I am saying webshops should actually have guidelines for the stuff they sell to this community. Are we nearing the end of freeware? And lest we forget, the last really good freeware scenery we saw happened to include stolen pirated materials from FlyTampa. Here's the ADX Rejected list of recently released addons: Oh and wait till you see some of these prices!! 

Last word for those of you developers still providing the community with decent freeware addons, thank you so much for your efforts and service to the flight simulation community.