Aerosoft NavDataPro Charts Released!

[Utilities] Like the navdata the chart data are supplied by Lufthansa Sytems and are used in real world aviation by more than 180 airlines throughout the world. The chart data will be updated monthly. Every time the user logs in he will get access to the up-to-date charts automatically. You don’t have to do anything to get the charts updated. The NavDataPro Charts Desktop Client is an easy to handle user interface. It allows you to choose an airport, select and view the charts and print a chart. You can search an airport in the airport list. Simply enter your departure, destination and alternate airport in the Quick Flight menu for a quick access to the airport charts. Use the kneeboard feature during your flight to have all needed charts handy. Use high and low enroute charts to plan your flight route.

Access to charts for 1 day (free access through June 30, 2016) As in real life aviation many users are aiming at conducting their simulated flights with the aid of real and up to date airport and enroute charts. Numerous add-ons use navdatabases for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as X-Plane for planning and performing flights. Aerosoft already offers the NavDataPro update service for the FMS navdata. With NavDataPro Charts Aerosoft will expand the regular update service to the airport and enroute charts.

Voucher-Code: "Free Access" In order to get free access to the "NavDataPro Charts - One Day Access", you have to enter the voucher code "Free Access"during the order process (above the selection of the payment method). Only valid through June, 30 2016.