Jetman Is At It Again!

FSX/P3D. After that very successful release of Marsa Alam Jetman AKA Sasha from Germany no not that Sasha, this is a different Sasha... why are there so many developers named Sasha?? Anyhoo, if you tuned into the Marsa Alam livestream, you are aware Sasha was present during the broadcast and answered quite a few questions for the viewers including assuring us that the next project would be quicker. MUCH quicker. Obviously he wasn't joking because the next project has been announced with first images already online! This time the Jetman heads to the other Coast of Africa to Morocco! As for his quality level, you can stick him right in there with FSDG, Orbx, and 29Palms which means REALLY DAMN GOOD! Thanks to ADX reader Gerben lei for the tipoff!