P3D Tweak Assistant: Any Of You??

P3D. Using this program? According to the product page (it is free FYI) the main purpose of the PTA tool is to allow simmers to tweak different Prepar3D shaders and config parameters that will result in more eye-catching virtual flight experience. Using this tool, you can apply tweaks in fast and convenient way without manual editing files and other routine operations. The main features include:

- 20+ different tweaks with fully customisable options.
- Custom shaders, adapted from SweetFX that can be used natively in Prepar3D without Reshade!
- All tweaks with Prepar3D config parameters and custom shaders grouped into presets and can be stored in separate files with comments and shared with other people.
- Strict control of sim core shaders integrity and the easy recovery mechanism for original shaders and config files.
- Detailed illustrated help on each tweak and its options.
- Logging of all operations with detailed error messages and hints.
- Customisable skin of tool interface.

In this version you get fully parameterized:
- Clouds tweaks: scale the width and height of clouds puffs, clouds shadows extended size, disable volumizing calculations for clouds, reduce cloud brightness at dawn and dusk, reduce "popcorn" at far distance, adjust blend distance, using alternate lighting for clouds and more...
- Shadow tweaks: boost light on the illuminated areas, make shadows deeper, autogen shadows intensity.
- Terrain tweaks: atmosphere scattering effect, include alternate variant for IFR flights; boost urban areas luminosity at night.
- Water tweaks : tune waves speed, tuning water refraction and reflection coefficients and surface granularity, that will result in really new water appearance. Also you can get old style FSX-like reflection of the sun.
- HDR shader tweaks: new ability to adjust whole scene tone, alternate tonemap operator, customizable contrast tunung. Also you can turn off HDR luminance adaptation effect (new tweak);
- Experimental FXAA antialiasing tweak: provides full control of FXAA shader specific parameters.
- NEW custom shaders: Sepia, Curves, Levels, LiftGammaGain, Technicolor, Vibrance, LumaSharpen, adapted for Prepar3D renderind engine.

I have not tried this myself FYI. This tipoff comes from ADX reader Steve Hall!