CameraPositionX Released.

[Utilities] CameraPositionX is a tool to define and edit CameraDefinitions in your aircraft.cfg and cameras.cfg. Features:

- The app is tracking the eyepoint movement and records the position of the viewpoint in the sim.
- All 6 degrees of freedom plus zoom can be tweaked in real time
- You can save a new CameraDefinition any time
- You can edit existing CameraDefinitions
- You can create fixed point cameras at lat/lon coordinates either globally or individually per aircraft.
- You can edit almost every parameter of the camera definition according to the SDK spec.
- Installers for FSX Accel, FSX SE, P3D 2.5 and P3D 3.2

Works completely stand alone. Camera definitions are saved to your aircraft.cfg or cameras.cfg.
It is not required to run this application alongside your simulator, once your are happy with your camera setup – all cameras are accessible with the built-in view system of the simulator. Let us know if any of you try it and if it's any good. $8 bucks.