WX Advantage Radar Released!

FSX/P3D. For the last few years, development teams Milviz and REX Simulations have partnered up to solve the difficult challenges related to a fully functional weather radar: combining a modernized airborne radar with sophisticated digital signal processing, resulting in a superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection and avoidance system. The WX Advantage Radar is freely offered as a customizable gauge to 3rd-party aircraft developers who wish to integrate the gauge within their aircraft making it easy for 3rd-party developers to modify the color, texture, text, and the model of the gauge to fit within their paradigm and methodology. 

Not only is the WX Advantage Radar compatible with FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D, it is also compatible with ALL payware and freeware weather engines as well as payware and freeware aircraft! Each license of the WX Advantage Radar allows activation for all three flight simulators.

Want to learn more? Visit the source link below. Price? Order within the next 2 weeks and get it for $24.95!