Thrustmaster Returns To Flight Simulation!

FSX/P3D. It's no secret I truly love my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. Got it 3 months after release and have been having romance with it ever since. Aside from sleeping and taking showers with it, I occasionally use it for P3D & DCS and I can tell you it's by farrrrrrr the best stick and throttle on the market. It's so good, it's been making me wonder when they will come out with something new for flight. Their products are robust, super strong, and durable. No Saitekish plastic here. They just spend way too much time making racing gear.

Well recently at New York's Interpreted Museum the French company announced their first  set of rudder pedals by popular demand and they look good! And here comes the however in 3. 2. 1. : However! They don't look very customizable at all in terms of width. The feet are much too close together I can already feel my knees rubbing. Additionally, this would not be very suitable for eggbeating and jet fighter pilots who need the second stick between the legs (or the one if you are female). Aside from that, these things look solid and will come with at least a few customization options but I highly doubt it will come close to the MFG Crosswinds... That is until you factor in the MSRP which is about $100 bucks!! They start shipping this month. More information via the source link below.