KDM Heads To Italy!

FSX/P3D. The world was shocked when Jo Erlend (Norwegian Superdeveloper) out of nowhere published shots of Daytona last year. Like what the hell was a palm tree doing in a Jo Erlend scenery? Then he shocked us again when he popped down to to the Caribbean. Well it looks like KDM Entertainment (that other group of Norwegian developers) are looking for some warmth as well as they have also headed south to Tuscany! Mark another destination for Italy which aside from Norway is dominating Europe in terms of scenery releases right now. A crown that used to be held  by Germany. Hmm.. will the Germans fight to reestablish that podium? Nevertheless, KDM has released 1 shot with the Spring 2016 title in bold which means release is close because Spring is almost done! Thanks to ADX reader Lazaro Blanc for the tipoff!