Spokane! We've Been Waiting For You!

FSX/P3D. This post is going all the way back to FlightZone's FZ03 that never came to be. Green State by FlightZone was a terrific and very highly realistic rendition of the airport that I am still waiting for someone to remake for P3D to this very day. (Hint developers out there) but it wasn't till FZ02 with PDX did the entire community truly realize the the abilities of this team. To this very day, FZ02 in FS9 is one of the very best airports ever made. And for those hoping for a new version of PDX smile, because it's coming! FZ03 GEG was meant to be the next step from FlightZone and I believe many of us were super excited. But then, they just seemed to fade away into the mist. Lucky for us, an independent developer has been working on a GEG of his own since 2012 and it's not till today that the project has moved to a stage of development worth showing. It may not be along anytime soon but you have to admit, it looks very good!