DTG FlightSchool Released On Steam.

DTG. Dovetail Games has released FlightSchool aimed at putting newcomers to flight simulation and aviation straight into the cockpit with interactive missions, lessons, and challenges designed to get them antiquated with desktop piloting. Cadets can choose from two highly-detailed aircraft which are individually tailored to different in-depth experiences. Meanwhile, unique Pilot Profile tracks achievements and licenses throughout the training career while acting as a log book allowing pilots to track hours to becoming a fully-fledged sim pilot. 

Dovetail Games Flight School Features: 

  • Two high performance training aircraft: Piper PA-18 Super Cub and Piper PA-28 Cherokee 
  • A unique pilot profile which keeps track of your progress 
  • 15 fun and immersive lessons covering the basics of the LAPL, PPL, and night flying 
  • 9 challenging missions 
  • Free Flight mode, so you can try out your newfound skills anywhere in the world

On a side note, I thought I was critical, I ain't got nuthin on those Steam reviewers... Whoa!