Air Hauler 2 Will Get Early Access For Fans.

[Utilities] Air Hauler 2 will initially be released as an early access version at a reduced price of £19.99 for existing owners of the original version who wish to upgrade. Early Access means that Air Hauler 2 is not yet 100% complete, but is at an advanced stage of development, meaning that it can be released to all those Airhaulics who are keen to see what’s new and who would like to contribute to the final stages of its development.
There may be bugs, issues and missing or incomplete functionality in this Early Access version, which is being made available to users who would like to see how this new version is looking and provide their input, if they wish, to help the developer in adding new features and resolving issues. The Virtual Airline feature, for example, ideally needs input from a larger group of users than a small beta testing team and will be implemented during the EA period.

See the Detailed Description section via the source link below for more information.