FSC Developer's Panel Discussion: Complete List!

[Events] As you are all aware, the biggest flight simulation related event in the history of North America less than 3 weeks away and among all the things that will be taking place at the convention, one seminar you will not want to miss is the developers panel discussion hosted by yours truly. We have confirmed 7 panellists for the discussion and they are as follows: 

  • Aerosoft: Mathijs Kok 
  • Dovetail Games: Aimee Sanjari
  • Flightbeam Studios: Amir Salehi
  • REX: Reed Stough
  • Orbx: John Venema
  • JustFlight: Alex Ford
  • QualityWings: Lars Roennig

Here's how you at home get involved: AirDailyX is now accepting questions for the panelists from you, the ADX readers. This is a great opportunity to reach out and hear directly from some of the biggest names in the industry. The panel discussion will be broadcast live worldwide right here on the AirDailyX.net Daily News Page so you can hear me announce your name and ask your questions directly to the panel live in real time! To get involved, please use [THIS CONTACT FORM] include your Name, City, Country, and of course, your questions! You may include as many questions as you like on your form. All questions and entries will be narrowed down to those that are most interesting. 

Now for those of you attending, time permitting, some of you will be given the opportunity to grab the mic and ask your questions directly to the panel. More information about this at the convention. But attending or not, still submit your questions! All questions must be submitted by the deadline: Monday MAY 30th! We look forward to reading your questions and hearing the responses from the panel! 

This completes our 2016 developers panel. Lots of really interesting questions submitted already! Keep them coming! 

QUICK NOTE: Pilot Edge Will Be Attending The Conference!!