A New & Affordable High-End Yoke? ACE Is The Place!

[Hardware] I've been chatting quite extensively with our partners over at Aircraft Controls Engineering for the past several months and I am happy to finally report that this past Friday, they have released their very 1st Desktop Yoke which will replace the more common plastic setup that many of us have come to use over the years. ACE is bringing to market a new yoke lineup that will be far more more realistic, durable, and most importantly...(a 1st for the industry) a base that is compatible with a full lineup of interchangeable yokes that can attach across a range of yokes that will be offered to customers. 

User manuals will be provided with the correct settings to be used with each yoke attached to the base based on testing with pilots (on type) and access to CAE simulators for tension/pressure loading using a newton meter. These settings will be a 1st for our industry to ensure standardized values across the flight sim community. As a heads up, ACE is releasing the yoke lineup in two of 6 phases this year. 

The first will be the 737 Desktop Yoke which has already been released. Next up is the 747 Desktop Yoke followed by the 757/767/777/CRJ, and Cessna 172/182 model yokes. 

Then will begin Phase 2 which will start with the Embraer 170/175/190/195 yoke. I have already seen sneak peeks of it and it's freaking sick!! 6 more yokes are on the list and those will be announced soon. 

Money time! All this sounds quite expensive right? Not nearly as what you might imagine! The first 50 orders will be priced at $399.00 USD (including free shipping in North America) and reduced shipping for the rest of the world. After the 1st 50 lucky pilots, price will default to $450 USD thereafter. ACE is now taking orders for the 737 Desktop Yoke and all orders will be shipped on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Discounts will be given for recommendations & referrals.

I know a lot of you would like to see at least one of these babies in action and the first review from AirDailyX will be coming up soon! I think Jordan King will more than happily give his take along side me as well so stay tuned for more info on these upcoming reviews. For now, head over to ACE to learn more information! Exciting times indeed! 

Update: I'm looking at the possibly of bringing one to FlightSimCon for you to sample at the ADX booth. Update on that soon. 

2nd Update: The team is in the process of building an entirely new website which will replace the current one. More info on that soon.