The Shrike Updated To v1.1

FSX/P3D. I must say, I have really been enjoying this Bob Hoover machine a lot! Been doing sorties between Notodden and Sandane but damn this gal got more bugs than a bargain basement poontang. The unofficial Carenado forum has some interesting fixes like interior repaints that make it look a little less beat to hell in the VC as well as some interior light fixes but this thing really needs a lot of work. The beta team must have really been sitting with their thumbs parked on this one. But good to see fixes have come rather quickly. Fixes include: Problem that causes airspeed indicator 2 not to work with instrument lights on. Problem with FRQ button on the ADF with Instrument lights on solved. VOR 2 is working fine now. Floating antennas issue solved. Fixes a problem that the cowl flap tooltip showed the same percentage on both engines. Elevator text misspelling solved. Autopilot improvements. The only fix I noticed that doesn't seem to be here is the lack of trim wheel animation. 

Customers should download the package again from the origional purchase link provided. Downloads and installations were increased. You should uninstall the aircraft before installing this new version.