Drzewiecki Baku Released!

FSX/P3D. Know that DD's Moscow Sheremetyevo X project is undergoing a massive update? Stan indeed did inform me that they were working on an update but this is more like a rework! The crazy thing is, I had no idea it would be this in-depth. Drzewiecki Design recently modified it's forum structure which led me to go poking in places I usually don't which led me to these previews! Huge rework indeed! See the shots I missed that were posted several months ago! In other news, the Baku product page is now live. Release imminent! 

Aiight so Stan says this update of Sheremetyevo X was already released like 3 months ago so don't know how I missed it but go get it! I'll add an update to this scenery in the Eastern European livestream.

ADX Update: Baku Released!