Frankfurt: Unsere Einzige Option!

FSX/P3D. Indeed, this is our only option for Frankfurt so like it or not, this is it. Amir of Flightbeam has made himself abundantly clear on these very pages no less with in this regards to a forthcoming Flightbeam EDDF: "Hey folks, just some clarification. I have no desire at all to work with this airport after the exchanges we've had with the officials. It no longer fits our production pipeline especially considering the difficulty in getting decent photo survey and the market share involved. Good luck to Aerosoft, I'm sure it will sell well! On the plus side, the next set of airports (which I cannot announce yet sorry) are very exciting and will aim to please a very broad market of simmers."

So that's it. No Frankfurt from Flightbeam which means we had better start getting used to the idea of getting cozy to the one option we now have. Thus in that aspect, I have started to look at the preview imagery a lot harder and honestly, you know what? It's really not bad. It's not bad at all in fact. Yes it totally lacks all those eye popping eye candy features brought to you by the likes of many other devs out there but the lack of those things doesn't make this bad in any way... well actually, the lack of animated jetbridges actually does make it bad but aside from that, the quality looks good to me thus far. I just need to get my hands on it for the livestream then I can get down to it. Looks like release is close. Here are all the latest shots.