Eaglesoft C605: Stunning Looks! Brains?

FSX/P3D. In the past, business jets in FS were nothing more than a dream. A niche to fill between turboprops and jetliners, developers never really saw a market for this classification until recently. Well... maybe that statement isn't entirely accurate. Eaglesoft has been the premier payware developer of bizjets over the yers and whereas there have been others, ESDG had the market segment pretty much cornered. That is until Carenado started dominating. The fundamental differences between these two developers as anyone might tell you is: go Carenado for the looks and Eaglesoft for the systems.

No matter what, it's a tradeoff you have to be willing to live with. But in the case of the upcoming C605, maybe, just maybe, the looks will finally come with the brains. Time will tell soon enough but it goes with out saying the cabin interior is shaping up quite nicely. Thanks to ADX reader Roel Lame for the tipoff!