AeroflyFS2 Released!

AFS. Here I am trying to sleep and here you all keep blowing up my phone. AeroflyFS2 is released and for all the wonderful things I have to say about it over the last 3 or so years I have been tracking and waiting for it, they just blew me down with a price tag that is a little difficult to bite down on. For only getting a sim platform that only covers California & Nevada for $50 freaking bucks they can go jump in the lake. $50 Bucks!! Now indeed, in FSX & P3D, in many cases that's the cost of an airplane or large scenery.

But alternatively, FSX: SE is way cheaper than that and P3D academic only about $10 bucks more but in those others, you get the entire world and with a long vacation coming up, me ain'ts gotts no $50 bucks to go dropin on something so limited. But that said, I am really super freaking curious about it. So we'll see maybe after I get back. Nevertheless, AeroflyFS2 is now available! 

Note: This is early access so that practically means Alpha. Let's see what the final build will hold.