Le Castellet Looks Amazing! FSX3D Is Back!

FSX/P3D. But perhaps a better name should be P3D3D although indeed that does seem a bit redundant doesn't it. Okay so who the heck is FSX3D? Well you will have to dig back a bit because honestly, when Amos sent me the email this morning, I was like: "never heard of them" so I went to my favorite flight sim news site AirDailyX.net. That editor D'Andre might be an arrogant asshole but if there is any info I need, chances are, ADX has it. So I ran a search on my own site nonetheless and came up with [THIS] Indeed, this is another developer I simply forgot about after all that competition mess over Calvi St. Catherine. I never did get down to whose was better... did I? Nevertheless, FSX3D has punched up their skills a thousand times fold with their upcoming Le Castellet.

I am impressed beyond words and super looking forward to this. Additionally, you just have to see what they have been doing with SODE!! Incredible! I will NOT make the mistake of forgetting this team again. Just one note to the development team though, the night lighting is beautiful but the lights themselves are really hard on the eyes just like your website. I suggest you guys correct those lights before release. Honestly, very well done!