GAP EDDF: This Is Going To Piss Some Of You Off...

FSX/P3D. Without a doubt, with Flightbeam appearing to be out of the running, this is indeed the Frankfurt to get (although I fully indend to poke and prod Mir about this at FlightSimCon next month) although this variant may lack many of the newer visual features more and more developers are implementing, no one can argue it blows the last version right out of the water and is by far the best we will have. So as long as the performance is good, I fully support it. Or at least I did... According to Mathijs Kok and I quote: "...I can now also confirm SODE will not be supported." This is likely going to upset maybe one or two of you.

I know many of you were not pleased to see the new Berlin Tegel did not support SODE but AES instead which leaves out the P3D crowd which I think is safe to say is DOMINATING these days. What I have to assume is this technology being developed for Prague that will have animated jetbridges will be rolled out among Frankfurt & Berlin. At least this is what I hope... Thanks to ADX readers Christian Trotter & Zachary Kerr for the tipoff. 

I used to make such a big deal about animated jetways when I first started with ADX all those years ago and I used to get a lot of negative feedback from some readers. A lot of people felt animated jetways were not necessary and was pointless to the simulated flying experience just like parking lots and interior modeling. Oh how things change...  Orbx, here's lookin at you kid!