AeroFlyFS2 Trailer Is Out And Looks GOOD! But...

AFS. Ultimately, this in my opinion is what the next gen full fat flight simulation platform should look like. AeroFlyFS2's environmental visuals succeed where FlightSchool and Xplane come up short. But here is where AeroFlyFS2 comes up short where FlightSchool and XPlane succeed: lack of autogen houses, buildings, and trees outside focus areas. I also noticed the approach into SFO was not watermasked as well as that horrid vsync rippling. That said though, the default airports and aircraft look absolutely stunning! Including the mountainous photoreal terrain and populated cities.

 The real question however comes with aircraft functionality and flight dynamics and if they continue the line of function-less VC's like in their iOS apps and previous PC variants, this will be an absolute failure. But if the aircraft are fully modeled and functional, then we have a real possible winner here. This would only leave the question of flight dynamics where XPlane currently carries the torch and you have to get beyond the fact that the flying environment is limited to what looks like California and Nevada. But as for the engine itself, super promising in my opinion. I guess we'll just have to see once we get our hands on it. 

Here's what Jordan King had to say about it: "To be honest, the aerofly trailer impressed and disappointed at the same time, lots of flat photoreal, no contrails or effects, no wing flex, ai doesn't look like it flies, plane textures look poor, and it looks a little stuttery. But it also has alot of beauty. It will probably end up as another looker..." 

Thanks to several readers for the tipoff. You have both mine and Jordan's opinions here but the real question is: What are your thoughts??