FSDT: First Images From Memphis!

FSX/P3D. Ahhh, I remember it like it was yesterday. Back in the year 1999, I had 3 options. 1: Finish trade school, I had already completed 3 years in Cisco's Networking Academy during night school (Cisco Systems). 2: Go to the Coast Guard, I had achieved a 96% on my ASVAB and was hoping to fly choppers then rely on Uncle Sam to put me through college, or 3: Accept a job offer at FedEx making $25 bucks an hour calculating weight & balance for aircraft. It may be crap these days but back in 1999, $25 bucks was a lot of money for a 17-year-old. I choose the latter and began my career in the airline industry.

The best part about working for Uncle Fed, was the unrestricted freedom to fly anywhere in the world absolutely free right on the flight deck. And took advantage of this I did! In a year I had flown on every aircraft type in the fleet. Those were the good ole days. The biggest hubs to connect flights were through KMEM and KIAD and I have way too many stories to tell but maybe over drinks at FlightSimCon.

Then sadly, 9/11 happened and the rights had been revoked. FAA said no more flight deck jumpseating, and all travel was restricted to corporate use only. Heck, even my dad and his new wife at the time jumpseated on a FedEx ex Flying Tigers 747-2 to Hawaii for their honeymoon. And I traveled the world on pennies. Yes those were the good ole days. I left the company shortly after 9/11 and went to another airline. But i'll never forget the fun and all the amazing pilots I shared cookies with cramped in tight 727's... Can you imagine 5 people in a 727 cockpit? Damn it was fun flying in those babies! FSDT is bringing Memphis and all the memories are coming right back as I look at the first previews. Here's to hoping FSDT makes us proud, and I can relive the memories from so long ago...