REX Game Studios Attending FlightSimCon 2016!

[Events] And another major development team is attending the event! Not only is this event already confirmed as the largest flight simulation gathering in the history of the Americas, it's already officially one of the largest events period which finally catches North America up to Europe. As far as developers go, never before has there ever been so many members of the development community under one roof! This list just names a few!

A2A Simulations, Aerosoft,, Boston Virtual ARTCC, Dovetail Games, FlightBeam Studios,, FroogleSim, FSFX Packages, Go Flight Technologies, HiFi Technologies, iBlueYonder, IVAO, Jetline Systems, Laminar Research,, Orbx, PC Pilot, Pilots, Quality Wings, REX Game Studios, Sim Innovations, VATSIM and many more!

If ever there were a convention for any of you to attend, this is the one! Register Today!!