Flysimware Announces G-44A Widgeon.

FSX/P3D. Taking a step back from the jets turboprops, Flysimware returns to the multi engine piston, the Grumman G-44A Widgeon! According to the product page, almost all parts are animated throughout the interior model with custom coding and accurate systems down to the smallest details. The aircraft includes the GNS 530 and  popup windows for service hangar, aircraft options, startup procedures, and a live payload manager. They also state this is their first model developed with 3DS MAX. They state: "Flysimware keeps improving the quality and overall systems for each project." I don't doubt that. I don't think anyone does. It's the visuals i'd like to see getting major improvements. That said, kudos on the move to Autodesk 3DS MAX. A very bright decision indeed! Product page is up, no release announcement yet.