And Hows That FlightSchool Going?

FSX/P3D. I don't know but I do know this, they need to get someone else with much better system specs to do the videos and screenshots. I must assume these shots are not showing maxed settings and if they are, then i'm concerned. If that terrain is meant to be FTX Global, it's not being shown in the best of light. Sparse autogen and blurry ground textures in these shots leave a lot to be desired visually here. Also this heavy blue color filter I keep seeing is not very pleasant to the eyes. It looks to cold & dreary. Where are the warmer colors? Ohh I can wait to stream this so we can see for real what the flight dynamics and visuals will produce as a precursor to the full fat sim. The previews we keep seeing are just not cutting it. Hey Dovetail, let's get Jordan King a copy soon please so we can get a good presentation for the community. No offense, but whoever is producing these is not showing the very best of the potential I believe this product has visually.