RealismShaderPack v1.1 Released!

P3Dv3. Sometimes the best things in life really are free and when it comes to FS, every now and then something that really should be payware comes for free. Introducing RealismShaderPack v1.1! This program comes courtesy of Predrag Drobac. Here is what RealismShaderPack does: Easy backup and restore function for each shader / Smart preview of selected shader tweaks / Customisable terrain brightness / Customisable terrain/clouds shadow intensity / Rayliegh scattering (realistic haze), no fps hit / Autogen is now properly lit in the shade (new in v1.1) / Darker clouds at dawn/dusk/night (new in v1.1) / More precise and defined clouds shadows. / Clouds shadows are now present during the moonlight (new in v1.1) / Alternative popcorn clouds fix with no fps hit (new in v1.1) / HDR tweak for more contrast. Works only with Prepar3D v3.2!

These shader tweaks are properly tested in multiple weather environments, with various addon airports, several planes, at various locations, and with several different sky textures.
Be aware that your visuals could be different comparing to preview images in this config tool, depending on the weather scenario used in the sim, sky textures used, HDR settings in P3D, SweetFX preset used, and even stuff like semi-transparent cockpit windows. Please take note that some addon aiports ground textures will not be properly lit unless you check receive shadows option for Sim Objects. If you love it, donate! Thanks to Jordan King for the tipoff!