29Palms Status Update! And What The Heck??

FSX/P3D/XPL. 29Palms has published a status report earlier today denoting the team's current progress. No mention of Nuremberg yet but based on all the latest previews, I think that's coming along fine. Samos is scheduled for Beta next month and I really can't wait to get my hands on that as well as many of you i'm sure. The team also mentions their involvement with the FTX Germany North project by ORBX which will be another Orbx bestseller no doubt. But what's this? Twentynine Palms has been modded for XPlane and whereas I usually wouldn't care, Twentynine Palms looks damn good period. I have stated that many times. But it's these screenshots from XPlane that have me glowing. These are by far the very best XPlane screenshots I have ever seen in my life. Almost makes me want to give it another try for the 30th time. One thing is certain, 29Palms is good at everything they do!