Gaya Shows Brussels! Which Raises Questions:

FSX/P3D. Now I do humbly apologize in advance if any of my facts are wrong or if these questions have been answered already (I don't always catch everything) and no doubt a related developer to the project will correct me where I am wrong. Now this project was initially started by Darren Seare the same developer who released SMF for I.D.S. / Aerosoft. I wont get into details about why he left this project but at some point the project was in limbo and the reigns was recently handed off to the Gaya Simulations team. Where my question comes in is: Is Gaya taking over the original source materials left behind by Darren? or are they starting from scratch? or a combination of both?

I ask these questions because if this is from scratch then the team is moving rather quickly having completed several textured 3D rendered objects not yet in sim. Additionally, Darren's project (much of it anyway) was already exported into FS and none of this is. Darren's Pier B also had transparent glass and these models do not leaving me to assume this is a rework from scratch. And I do hope at the very least the Pier B gets the transparent glass (I realise these are works in progress) but if it doesn't then this becomes competition to the DreamFactoryStudios variant released a million years ago. Watching this project with interest. 

Update: And now for clarity, this new version from Gaya will be 100% made from scratch in house.