Looking For Some NavDataPro Charts?

[Utilities] One of the products Aerosoft is working on internally is NavDataPro charts by Fabian Boulegue. According to Mathijs Kok, this product will, like NavDataPro does for navigation data, offer access to the charts delivered by Lufthansa's Data Systems. He goes on to state there will be applications for many platforms but we can show you the iOS application here. 

NavDataPro Charts iOS features:

  •     Search filter and display all LIDO Airport Charts (by ICAO/IATA/AIRPORT NAME/CITY/COUNTRY)
  •     Search and display all LIDO Enroute Charts including Overview
  •     Interactive map, that display included airports with METAR information and other information like elevation and runway lenght
  •     VATSIM ATC display on the interactive map, you can see the current online VATSIM Network ATCs including there frequency and more information
  •     Favorite mode, add any airport to your favorite and have quick access to these, including display there charts, airport information and METAR datas
  •     Kneeboard mode, add unlimited charts for your next flight into the stack view and browse them without switching the menu, draw/annotate with a simple fingerprint
  •     Chart Display View include, preview of other charts from the current airport with fast chart switching, Quick "Add to Kneeboard" button
  •     ChartAirServer to display the Chart you currently view on your iOS Device on your (via Wifi connected) Computer by simply open it in the browser
  •     Contact the support right from the application once you run into problems