Big Bear: Turbulent Heads To SoCali!

FSX/P3D. I knew it would be just a matter of time before someone announced this airport. You can't so an FTX SCA region and not include Big Bear. At an elevation of 6,752 feet, it's the highest airport in the region and accompanied by Big Bear Lake and Bear Mountain. At the lower elevations is Snow Summit and Lake Arrowhead which offers those of us looking to escape LA plenty to do in winter and summer. I hear a company bought the old Santa's Village theme park and will restore it. We have a family condo right on the lake but sadly, there has not been much slow lately so we have not been using it anywhere near as much as we used to and I get the odd feeling I will be visiting Turbulent's rendition more often than the real place. Time to sell that place. No doubt, Turbulent will kick ass with this one and the first images already prove that. By the way, it's Russ Linn's birthday! Let's wish him a happy one! 

And for those wondering, Russ White joins Greg Jones with this effort!