Aerosoft Returns With New A330 Thread!

FSX/P3D. And along with this new thread denoting an advanced level of development are 2 new virtual cockpit screenshots. The last thread had pieces and parts textured and un-textured all over the place. This thread starts us off with advanced modeling and soon to be, systems integration. Here's what Mathijs has to say this morning: 

"Because the previous topic was merged with something else I open a new one with two new images. To be clear about a few issues: Release is expected in 2016 (but hey, shit happens)
We start with the A333 with RR engines but we might expand, nothing decided yet though, a full coverage of all possible models is not our goal. As with the current busses we focus on the task of the pilots as this allows us to make an realistic product for a reasonable price.  We do not include anything that does not occur at least once every 5000 hours of flight. As with the current busses we will try to include many features that are normally only added with other add-ons
And yes it will have wingflex."

Now when Mathijs says "shit happens..." what I assume he means is: when you have a hardworking diligent team, shit happens also known in this context as: quality releases happen in good timing. Mathijs is coming to FlightSimCon 2016 and I looking forward to prodding him for more information about the product if it's not already released by then... Very impressed with the progress with this project. Here's hoping for the NEO and A350 from this team...