MagMexico McAllen Miller Airport Released.

FSX/P3D. MagMexico is a team I have been following for well over a year now and ADX was first to introduce this team to the community long before their first release. This is a team with lots of potential and whereas the first releases left a lot to be desired, this latest release shows a tremendous step up in quality. To be honest, this team reminds me of Taxi2Gate 5 years ago when few were paying attention to them.

MagMexico still has a ways to go in improving the skills but as I said, there is much potential here and we should be keeping our eyes on them. Couple notes I need to point out about about McAllen Miller here. There is no features list so you don't know what you are getting aside from what the screenshots display, no mention of compatibility with FTX Global, and no mention of animated jetbridges. The team is asking about $25 bucks which is quite a bit to choke down at this quality tier level. Nevertheless, i'll let you decide for yourself. I am optimistic about what the team will deliver next.