Sierra.Foxtrot-Design Auerbach X Released.

FSX/P3D. After 2.5 years of development, Sierra.Foxtrot-Design has released Auerbach X a tiny Airfield is located in Western Saxony Germany and is approved for aircraft up to 7.5 tons. The rreeware release comes complete with a high detailed rendition of the Airfield Auerbach (EDOA), High resolution Aerial Image including 5 Seasons and Night Layer, Compatible with all surface Addons eg VFR Germany or FTX GlobalLC, Custom runway + Ground Textures, Hundreds of hand-placed Autogen Objects, AI Traffic with default FSX Airplanes, Completely newly created ADE Airfield Layout with actual Frequency and ATC, Volumetric Grass and Vegetation with manual Season Switcher, High detailed Buildings and Textures, Many Animations eg Vogtlandbahn, Model Airplane, Windsock, Anemometer, Manual in English and German, VFR Charts JPG and PDF. Now available!