Salam: It's Marsa Alam!

FSX/P3D. Looking mighty good as "Jetman" continues development on this destination that includes far more than just the airport. AirDailyX has been following this project for over 3 years now and it's extremely pleasing to see this project not only not become "FSD Vaporware" but to see it shining as well as it is. By the looks of things release looks not too far away but I do hope this developer considers joining another team in the future like 29Palms, FSDG, Turbulent or Orbx where we can get more of a team support setting and perhaps it won't be another 3 years before the next release assuming this developer chooses to continue developing. I for one really hope he does as this is some tremendous talent this community needs! Thanks so several readers for the tip on this update. Sorry I am so late! More screenshots via the source link below.