Aerosoft Mega Airport Praha: More Imagery.

FSX/P3D. Ever since my first trip to Prague back in 2005, I have been wanting a proper payware variant of Prague's Praha Ruzyne. That's what it was called back then. I really enjoyed an excellent freeware version of the airport for many years back in FS9 but still I felt this airport was getting overlooked time and again. Then, FlyTampa added it to a vote which gave me some hope but then it lost out to Athens. Sad, and dejected, more time would pass till an XPlane developer called XHT Labs showed off the first images. I then went from dejected to jealous up till the moment FSDG announced they would be back-porting the entire project to FS9 and FSX.   

Oh the joy! It would be short lived though. FSDG stepped away from the project leaving things in limbo for a while until Aerosoft assured us they would still deliver for FSX. Since then it's been an exciting but bloody long wait. A little over a year ago the developer announced some new breakthrough technology that would accompany the project and it's once again been a long and eager wait for me and many I presume. But, 2016 is finally going to bring that wait to an end. As always, we eagerly wait and  no doubt, it will be quite impressive once it arrives. Some new images have surfaced. Should hold you over till the developer has some good news for us.