A Quick Note On Livestreams...

I have been getting a lot of emails from many of you folks wondering about when the next stream will be and how much longer will the wait be before the next broadcast. So here it is. The next stream will be tomorrow 04/12 at 10AM PDST which will feature Telluride from Orbx. Next up after that is not yet scheduled but will be an Eastern European double feature with Drzewiecki Chisinau & the just released Bucharest Otopeni from AlfoSim. Following that (again unscheduled) will be the Norway megastream featuring all the latest Norwegian airports from Aerosoft & Orbx. That will be a weekend stream all of which I aiming to try to do by this weekend.

I am also getting requests to head down under to Australia. Once I have all the latest quad installers from Orbx (waiting on Brizzie and Mel) I will schedule the mega Aussie Stream. 

There have also been requests for the next group flight stream. I will schedule one soon as well. For those wishing to take part, you can use this post to give ideas of where you would like to fly.

I will also soon have some information about streaming live from FlightSimCon 2016 coming up in June. But I still expect most of you to make it over!! I'll see all of you in Telluride tomorrow!

Cheers! -D'

Oh I forgot about Aerosoft Aspen. That one is coming too!