Welcome To Nanaimo: Next From Orbx!

FSX/P3D. Ever since the demise of Orbx Tipella (did you keep a copy of it? Because you can't get it anymore.) I think many of us have been looking for another new and free PNW destination that is exclusive to our water and amphibious aircraft. I highly recommend the Victoria Plus product by the late and great John Patch which is an amazing adventure for you water flying pilots out there.

Orbx team member Larry has just announced his freeware project: CAC8 - Nanaimo Water Aerodrome and judging by the first set of screenshots, i'd say this will be quite an immersive place to land for a $100 burger indeed! I am not familiar with Larry or any previous works of his but this project he is bringing is certainly a welcome sight for the Pacific Northwest region and a terrific place to spot all the ship and boat traffic. See for yourself!