LatinWings Barajas! Madrid Está de Vuelta!

FSX/P3D. Who here remembers the golden age of FS9? Otherwise known as the golden age of flight simulation. This was the platform that spawned the the third party addon. Sure, previous platforms has paid boxed addons and downloadable freeware, but FS9 is who gave birth to the likes of PMDG, FlyTampa, Cloud9 (now FSDT) Simwings, hey the list goes on and on. FSX continued in that tradition of spawning more and more developers although it got off to a really slow start. Indeed, it was FS9 that showed us just how real and detailed flight simulation could be. And in those golden ages, developers like Simwings and the German Airports Team would not release 1 airport in 2 years, but a package of airports almost every year. 

Those days are long gone but one thing that has stayed the same, many new developers continue to spawn in our community and they are delivering. Take Madrid Barajas for example, delivered by Simwings several years ago, it was a terrific airport, but if you consider the time it took just to remake Heathrow, there is no way they will get to Madrid any time soon which makes this the perfect example for someone new to come along and tackle it. Developer LatinWings is very new on the scene and they are taking the community by storm. If these early shots of the tower are any indication of what we can expect from this mega airport project, then we are in for a real treat!