Today's Open Group Flight Details:

P3Dv3.1 A bunch of us have spending the last couple days exploring and crashing up in Papua New Guinea and I must say, it is heaps of fun! Not to mention this is by far the very best bush flying experience in the history of FS.

Sunday March 6th at 1700z, ADX alongside Digital Themepark will host a group flight where we will explore both the [Tapini] and [Kokoda] bushpacks. This flight is open to all and it's very easy to join us but there are a few things you will need first. The 2 Orbx payware sceneries [Tapini] & [Jacksons], the freeware [Emo Mission], and [PNG Holdermesh]. You will need [Teamspeak] and the connection information is [HERE] Besides that, all you need is a good internet connection and a good bush aircraft! I recommend the following aircraft as you will need something fast, powerful, and can fly above 10,000AMSL without issue. Here are my recommendations: 

  • Aerosoft Twin Otter
  • Alabeo C207 Skywagon
  • Lionheart Quest Kodiak
  • Carenado C208B [Floods The Server Cant Use it] Perhaps the EX model will work. 
  • Carenado C185F
  • Lionheart Piper Pacer
  • Aerosoft Bush Hawk
  • FrenchVFR C150
  • Default Maule Orion

Anything else I miss aircraft wise? Let me know!! Whatever you choose, it must have a prop on it. No warbirds and no jets. See you on Sunday on the ground at ICAO: AYPY! For the rest of you, we will be streaming right here on the news page and via our [Twitch Page] If you are joining and wish to stream your POV of the flight as well, let me know so your stream can be added to the multitwitch and this page. 

Thanks to everyone who participated and to all of those of you who tuned in. This was a very successful go and rest assured we will schedule another group flight soon!