Flight 1 Mustang Coming To P3D? Yes!!

FSX/P3D. Because if so, then it's about bloody damn time. As far as biz jets go, this one was an absolute knockout in FSX but has functionality issues in P3D. In the beginning, Flight1 was practically anti P3D but just like an overwhelming portion of this community, they eventually got onboard. The Flight1 B200 was quite the shocker last year as we were all put under the impression this would not happen. But then again, we used to think this about PMDG. Oh what a difference a year makes. Well it looks as if the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang just might be the next aircraft on the list to get the upgrade and exciting this is indeed. in a statement made by Jim Rhoads yesterday regarding the Mustang, the release can come at any time:

"But before we get started with the fiery spears and tar buckets, its a straight out port (sounds easy but its not) to P3D. No fancy updates etc (for now anyway) We will provide a discount for previous owners to help out.... lets face it. The Mustang was way ahead of its time when it was released. So it will still hold its own pretty well in P3D.  Hope you will enjoy it..."

Well damn good news to me and many thousands like me wanting this aircraft working properly in P3D! Hey Flight1 , how about y'all get that SkyCatcher ported over while you are at it! I would go on about the CoolSky DC-9, and whereas CoolSky has seen the light, they are dragging their damn feet. Standing by for the Mustang in P3D! Thanks to ADX reader Alex Abdel-Malek for the tipoff!