Dovetail Flight School Trailer Has Landed! But...

DTG. The Dovetail Games Flight School Steam page is now available which allows you to preorder. Buy why would anyone preorder something that has only 5 screenshots? Speaking for myself, I would at least need a video (not that I am the type to pre order anyway) However, if you do pre-order before 25th April to receive the Diamond DA42 update (complete with bonus content) 60 days before general release.* Visit for more information. 

Now when I saw the trailer which is also available via the Steam product page, I was freaking BLOWN AWAY!!! I was like shit! These guys are really pulling off something amazing. It even looks more like CGI than a flight simulator.

I loved it so much that when I went to replay it, I caught something very small that I missed the first time around: *Not In-Game Footage. I know to many it may seem like I am beating up on Dovetail here but this is not my intention. I am simply calling a spade a spade and I also know that I am the only person with the galls in this community to do so openly. This is all very seemingly odd to me. Its due for release within the next 4 weeks and still no in-game video footage and only 5 screenshots. What am I missing? 

I do still remain very excited about the things to come and I do remain optimistic for what Dovetail is delivering. I just wish we could actually SEE it already.  All other sites are posting it and stating their excitement, so I guess this makes me look like the devils advocate. Either way, April is nearly here and we will see soon enough. Expect a full livestream from me when it arrives. 

You guys can feel free to beat up on me if you feel I am out of line.