Orbx To Develop New Monaco Cityscape!

FSX/P3D. In his latest preview set, Orbx developer Maurizio Giorgi has announced that his Cote d'Azur Cityscape project will now be expanded further east to encompass the entire country of Monaco complete with full custom landmarks and buildings. A real treat for those of us who love flying into Nice, switching to the VIP chopper and heading to the Monte Carlo Heliport. I really loved the Aerosoft version but it's about time for a version represented with 2016 quality. No doubt this will prolong development with this project but will no doubt be worth the wait once delivered. Now to the bigger question, who will deliver new Nice & Cannes airports? I think someone released a new version of Cannes last year right? I need to check AirDailyX and see if they covered that release... Above are the latest from the Nice Cityscape.