The Aerosoft A330 Moving At Lightning Speed!

FSX/P3D. After that major failure we like to call the AirSimmer Airbus, it was this team that delivered the Airbus narrow body series to save us all. Now, no doubt with the FSL A320 approaching, many are saying they are going to dump the Aerosoft version on day 1 but not only do I believe that, I do not think this team is much concerned. With Carenado, you can get multiple releases in a year but you have to deal with the caveat. With the FSL or PMDG, you have to wait half a decade or more for a release of a complex airliner. But with the Aerosoft Airbus team, they found the perfect mix of waiting time and functionality with out all the bugs. Is the A320 series from Aerosoft as complex as the FSL? No. But you didn't have a very long wait to get all those aircraft either. 

Now take the A330 as another example. Again this team is saving us because no one else is doing it. If FSL decided to do an A330 today, look for it in 2020. The point? This team sets a perfect model between time lapse and quality and that A330 is moving quickly. Here are the first shots of the VC! Thanks to ADX readers Amos Geva & Mark Smith for the tipoff! 

My apologies, I had forgotten about the Blackbox A330.