ADX Sunday Special:

Voiceover artist and creative genius chock full of character, comedy and commentary — that's Phil Hendrie. Famous for concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays on air with his many voice talents while simultaneously serving as host of his national talk radio program. Phil usually does up to 7 voices / characters having conversations with each other which sounds like a room full of different people. Here is a funny episode from 2005 that is aviation related. Feel free to listen while you fly. These are real people calling the show quite upset and arguing with the guest which is also Phil but they don't know that. If you are the type that gets offended. Please do not listen. More info about Phil and his shtick via the source link below.  [ALSO SEE HERE] 

So yes, the pilot on the phone and the host is the same person in real time. I have been a fan of this guy for over 20 years now and the joke never gets old although his current format no longer involves random listeners calling the show to argue with the fictional guests.

I added another show covering the Jetblue incident @ LAX back on 05. 

And no, there is no news today...